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Unique situations call for UNIQUE INGREDIENTS

The retail marketplace is rich with information but how does each individual retailer or supplier best get at the insights to improve their situation?

Thatís what we do. Founded in 1976, we simply wanted to offer more innovative approaches to recognizing and acting on opportunities in the retail universe. While the knowledge we gain grows exponentially every year, we still do business from the same model we started with.

Our first step: hiring industry experts. Second, we knew improving the retail experience meant improving sales. We also knew that each client would have a unique situation and need unique solutions. So while we have created proprietary tools that we wholeheartedly believe in and continue to improve, Willard Bishop doesnít stop there. Just obtaining the information is one thing. Whatís really needed to propel business forward is an insight. Or two or twelve. Those come from rolling up sleeves, digging in, scratching heads and sometimes just plain banging heads together. Not only do we tell you the so what, we tell you the now what.

In the end what you get from Willard Bishop is an actionable plan, a retail recipe that can be put in place, measured, adjusted and ultimately improve a customerís experience and a clientís bottom line.

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