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March 1, 2014

March Quotes


Willard Bishop LLC, Albertson's Buys Tom Thumb's Parent Company Safeway, Dallas Morning News, 3/6/2014 

Jim Hertel, Jewel Carts Off More Dominick's, Gets New Leader, Chicago Tribune, 3/7/2014 

Jim Hertel, Deal Gives Safeway Scope to Think Big, Act Locally, Wall Street Journal, 3/10/2014 

Jim Hertel, Market Basket Hopes to Expand in Maine, Portland Press Herald, 3/13/2014 

Willard Bishop LLC, Report Suggests Piggly Wiggly Coming to Buffalo Grove, Daily Herald, 3/14/2014 

Jon Hauptman, Grocery Turf Battles Likely to Lower Prices, Dallas Morning News, 3/14/2014 

Jon Hauptman, Grocers Battle to Protect Their North Jersey Turf,, 3/16/2014 

Jim Hertel, What's Consumer Reports' Top Supermarket?,, 3/27/2014 

Jim Hertel, How to be a Smarter Supermarket Shopper,, 3/2014

Jim Hertel, New Fresh Grocery Concepts Poised to Shake Up St. Louis Market, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3/28/2014

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